Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sinnok Snack Shack

Dennis Sinnok is now the hero of Shishmaref.

He has opened a snack shack. Angie and I went last night and got dinner. They don't have a place to sit there, so we took it back to my house. We both had burgers, fries, and milkshakes. SO TASTY! It has been forever since I have had a burger. I wasn't that hungry, but once I saw the burger, my mouth was watering. The fries were super good too. And the milkshake. Little Clare Bear was with us too. She had nachos, fries, candy, and a strawberry sundae.

My meal was $15.50. I can't afford to eat there all the time, but it was nice for a treat. Good thing it's on the other side of the village so I won't be tempted to eat there everyday.

Angie and I were sad for Steve and Colleen. Steve is in Unalakleet for some math thing (I think), and Colleen is on her way to Europe, so they both missed the wedding and the first trip to the snack shack. At least we have a good excuse to go to the snack shack again when they get back. :)

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