Thursday, January 14, 2010


Colleen figured out how to put pictures on Blogspot again! She shared this info with me, and I am no longer mad at Blogspot.

Basic update:

The day I was supposed to fly out of Ohio back to Shishmaref, I got super sick. Probably H1N1. So, I paid over $400 to change my plane tickets, and I had to use a sick day because I got back a day late. But, I guess things could've been worse. You would think that they would be happy that I didn't fly with Swine Flu, but I guess it doesn't matter that I was socially responsible.

Julie was here from the District Office this week. It is always nice to have her around.

Colleen and I watched the entire Season 4 of House this weekend, Friday to Monday. In our defense, it was the short season because of the Writers' Strike. Colleen ordered Season 5 from, so we're waiting on that.

I have actually had really good attendance this week at school. 12 or 13 kids almost everyday - compared to my usual 6-10. I have 17 (was 19, but 2 are gone) enrolled, so it's still not great, but it's a start!!

And, I will add a picture - just because I can :)

This is Sharla and me on Tuesday, playing with PhotoBooth. Sharla is in 2nd grade, and her cousin Vivian is in my class.

This weekend I will try and go back to older posts and add pictures, now that I can again.


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