Saturday, February 13, 2010

File Folder Games

In in college, during Senior Block, all Early Childhood Education majors take a class for  each of the different content areas that we will be teaching. In the math class, we made math file folder games. We had to make five, and they had to be of one common theme. We could theme them like I did, farm, or other people did something like multiplication. They are really low cost, and an easy resource for any grade in elementary school.

However, they take forever. First you have to find the images you want to use. Then copy those images. Color them. Cut them. Glue the pieces onto the file folder. Laminate the folder and playing pieces. Then cut out the pieces - again.  In college, I had my Delta Zeta sisters to sit in the suite with me and color and cut turkeys, pigs, and corn with me.

I found some pre-made file folder games online that were already colored. So, one less step. But the cutting is still tedious. I have enlisted help from the junior high cheerleaders. Play Lady Gaga on my iPod and I can get them to help me with just about anything. I am sure that I could get my class and the kindergarten class to help also, but my OCD doesn't allow them to cut my file folder games. I am all about them cutting all kinds of projects, but not these.

So, I love these girls.

The group - enthused, of course. They all have a brother or sister either in my class now, or that will be next year - except for Lori. She is the 2nd youngest in her family, and Dara is in 4th grade. Mamie has a sister in my class now, and a brother that will be in my class next year. Nellie's brother is in my class now. Tammy and Jecca each have a little brother who will be in my class next year. So, I reminded them all that they are doing this not only for me, but for the tiny ones of their families. Lori is cool enough to still help, even though she has no tiny ones left in her family.

Tammy Jean with a snowflake.

Mamie with a bumblebee.

Lori with a bumblebee.

Jessica (aka Jecca) with some letters.

Nellie cutting some letters.

One of the finished products. This is called "Achy-Breaky Hearts". See how they are broken in the middle? The kiddos have to match the color AND the break pattern. Those white dots are velcro. The matching pieces are in a pocket in the back.

Notice the band-aid on my finger? File Folder Game battle wound. I am so used to using preschool scissors, that when I get an adult pair in my hands, things get a little out of control. 

So, this is how I spent my Saturday night. The life of a teacher, right?

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