Sunday, March 21, 2010

Funny Kids

I would hate to forget some of the hilarious things that kiddos have said at school. So, I figured I should share them.

Dramatic play is one of those places that funny things happen all of the time. I think what I say in response to the children's actions kind of sum up the hilariousness.
* "Girls! We don't put babies in the oven!"
* "Frank! We don't throw bacon!"

Ida is so cute and so serious - 95% of the time. I think that is why the things that she says are so funny.

One day she was wearing animal print pants.
Here is the conversation:
Me: "Ida, I love your pants. Is that leopard print, or cheetah print."
Ida: "Cheeto kind."

Whenever the kids miss school I tell the other kids "Gee, I sure miss Nathaniel. I hope that he comes to school soon." Or I tell the kids to go to bed early so that they don't miss school, because I would miss them too much.
There was one day that my throat was getting sore, and strep throat was going around. Wilsa and I were talking about it while we were drawing with the kids. I said that I was hoping it wasn't strep because I didn't want to miss school. So Ida then said "You might miss all the friends, huh Amy?"

Abigail was sitting on my lap one day during one of our really cold spells. I said "I am tired of all of this cold." - meaning, "Can't we get some warm weather soon!!??"
Abigail looked at me and said "Well Amy, you better get yourself a warm sweater and ski pants and scarf."

I love my job.


  1. Your kids are adorable. I just get a lot of reproductive questions.

  2. I wish my kids were as cute as yours Amy. Unfortunately, my middle school and high school students are more like Colleen's kids. They ask questions involving gossip, politely- calling-it-reproduction, and anything irrelevant to class.