Saturday, February 5, 2011

WW Update: End of Week 4

This week: +0.4 pounds
After 4 weeks of Weight Watchers: -9.4 pounds
Since September 1, 2010: -10.2 pounds

My mom is down 14.8 pounds since September 1st.

So, I obviously didn't have a good week this week. I am not sure why. There were a few days that I wasn't great, but I stayed within my 35 weekly extra points. I was much better about drinking my 6 cups of water a day this week that I have been the past couple of weeks.

Also, I hadn't exercised at all since starting Weight Watchers, and this week I exercised once. When you exercise, you can earn points back and eat a little more that day. I didn't eat those extra points though.

So, I am not sure why I gained, but I am not worried. Usually if I have a week that is not so good, the next week is really good. Come Wednesday, I shall see if that is the case this time.

My cousin Courtney is engaged and she and Kyle have decided to get married in Jamaica on May 26th. After discussing it, my mom and I decided that we will continue our "The Biggest Loser" challenge until May 18th. That will give us two and a half extra months to get in shape for Courtney's wedding and our fabulous beach vacation. However, since we are adding time to the challenge, we have also upped the stakes: $600 to the winner.

So, wish me luck! 15 weeks to go!