Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Evidently I'm busy...

So, sorry for not posting for awhile!

I wondered if anyone would read this, and if anyone would want to read it. But when I talk to friends and family, they usually comment on what's been written on my blog - so I guess I'll keep going with it.

However, I obviously haven't posted in awhile. I am obviously teaching everyday. Then I was also Cross Country coach. So we had practice everyday after school, plus meets on Saturdays - so I would be gone all day long. With only one day on the weekend, and just a couple of spare hours in the evening, blogging has been pushed aside.

A couple of weeks ago, I took on another responsibility. I became the Class of 2011 co-advisor. Bob the math teacher is the other advisor. So we're busy fundraising and planning with the junior class. 

Cross Country is over now, so that's gives me a little more time.
I will try and be better with posting.

So, school is going well. I have been doing a lot of testing at school. The district requires some testing every fall and spring so that we can monitor progress, but the grant that pays for my job requires even more testing. So that has been kind of crazy. Last week Julie Egli from the district office was here. She helped so much with the testing. I just love her. She's so helpful and supportive and I was super glad to have her here.

Every night except for Sunday, there is rec at the school. It's basically open gym. The first hour is for 4th grade and younger, the next hour is 5th-8th, followed by the high school, and finally adults. Rec is a huge part of most of the village people's lives. The school-wide punishment is to be put on the "rec list". If you are on rec list, you can't go to rec that night or  go to their sports practices. A student is put on rec list automatically for being more than 15 minutes late to school or for being tardy to 2 or more of your classes that day. Also, some teacher put students on rec list for not doing their homework or for misbehaving. The Vice Principal  (Floyde) prints out the list every night and tacks it on his door. I don't put any of my kiddos on rec list because they are too little to understand that not sitting still on the carpet is why they couldn't go to rec. 

I am at the school a lot anyway, so I usually stop by little kiddo rec to play around. I see who of my kids are there. All the other kids know me too. It's fun to play around a little bit with them. Wilsa and Mickey, who work with me in the 4-year-old class go to rec almost every night. Sometimes I stop in to say hi when I'm in the school during that time. They always say I should play. 

Basketball is what it is all about in Shishmaref. If you aren't into basketball, you are an outcast. As you all know - basketball is definitely not my thing. In fact, sports with a ball in general are not my thing. Basketball especially though. I am trying to enjoy watching games on Friday nights, but even that is pushing it. I like the social aspect of the games though.

So Saturday, I finally went to rec. Jerome, who is 20, helped me out with my shot a bit. Basically, the women shoot around during the men's game (opposite side of the court from where the action is at the moment), and then the men shoot around during the women's game. So, I played in my first basketball game ever. I sucked, but they were nice to me anyway. One time, everyone backed away from the net and let me shoot and get my own rebounds until I scored. Then both teams cheered for me. Haha. I might go again tonight.

I stopped into rec during little kid time tonight. I was running around and I bent down to sneak up on my little Frank. Just as I was leaning to him, he moved his head back and my chin slammed into his head. He was fine, he kept on playing - but I am in pain. My whole jaw hurts and my ear on that side is ringing. I am icing it right 
now. In fact, here is a picture of what I look like as I type this.

So now I am trying to decide if I want to go to rec tonight. I probably should get some exercise.

Rec is also a great place to get to know people. I am starting to recognize most people in the village. Saturday I got to actually talk to people I hadn't before, and now I actually remember their names! So that is good. Angie said that a lot of people go to rec that don't go to other things, so it's a good way to see different people.

Well, like I said, I will try to be better on posting! 
Shoot me an email or call! :)


  1. Hi Amy, Great posts!!! --- Love to read them and the photos are great!! Hope your jaws is better! Love, "Ma"

  2. i hope you hav a wudrfl weked
    love kemery