Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A few pictures of the cute kiddos in Shishmaref, Alaska

I know people are wanting to see pictures. I haven't been able to hook my camera up to the computer yet, but I have a couple on the computer from Photobooth and from emails. So here!

 Timary and me tonight using Photobooth. Timary is my neighbor. She's 6 and in the 1st grade. Her dad Ken is the science teacher and
 has been here 11 years. Her mom Lisa is from Shishmaref and is a para-pro at school. I am sure I will write a lot about Timary and her brothers and sisters. Gabe just turned 9 and Sarah is 8 - they both are in 3rd grade. Timothy just turned 5 and is kindergarten. Baby Norman was born in April and we all have tons of fun with him!

This is a picture of two of 
my preschoolers and me. Frank is on the left, and Carter is on the right. This was taken in the gym during our gross moto
r play time, which we get three times a week. Notice Carter's LeBron jersey? His grandpa is from Cleveland! 

This isn't really a good picture of any of us. It was taken the same day as the one with Carter and Frank. My little guys (L to R) are Madison, Ida, Gary, and Victoria. I don't think any of them were quite ready.

I'll add more pictures as I can!!


  1. Translation: "Gross Motor Play" is Recess. Don't let her lie to you. We all know that all all they do on the elementary side is color and have recess.

  2. Thanks Colleen.

    Just so you know, during staff meetings, they kick the elementary side out so that the high school teachers can eat ice cream and have pony rides.

  3. We DESERVE ice cream and pony rides. What we get are meetings about test security, scheduling conflicts, NACTEC applications, state mandated testing, and admonitions to work with the other teachers. Just once, I'd like some ice cream at a staff meeting. I don't care if they are in the morning.