Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a mess...

This past week has not been so great.

So, when I got hired, there was some miscommunication. I was told that I had a year to take the Praxis I for my Alaska teaching license. I found out Tuesday that I need to have the Praxis I now. So, I am technically out of compliance. I am placed on substitute pay until the Education Department has my Praxis I scores. I am losing $125 per day. Plus, now I have to go to Anchorage this week to take the Praxis I. I will have my math and reading scores right away, but I will have to wait for the writing results. I am on sub pay until those results are in. This trip to Anchorage is going to cost me about $1300 (plane tickets, taxis, hotels, food, etc.). I am leaving Tuesday afternoon and I will return Thursday afternoon. So I will miss out on two days of work, and since I am on sub pay, I miss out on two days of pay also.

The confusion happened because I just graduated from college and did not already possess a teaching license. If I had an Ohio teaching license, I would've had a year to pass the Praxis I test. So, now I have sent all of my stuff to the Ohio Education Department. If I can get my Ohio license in the hands of the Alaska Education Department before my Praxis I scores are back, then I will get back on my regular pay. So I am working both angles to get this worked out as soon as possible.

In Ohio, I was exempt from Praxis I. At Ashland University, to get into the education program, you have to either have a 21 or higher on your ACT, or pass the Praxis I. I had a 28 on my ACT, so I didn't ever take the Praxis I. I have passed 4 Praxis II tests, however. These tests are harder and more focused on my teaching field. I need those test scores for my Professional Teaching License in Alaska, but not my Initial Teaching License. The Initial Teaching License requires passing scores on the Praxis I. Unfortunately, I cannot skip the Initial Teaching License and go straight for the Professional License. 

That is the news going on in my life. I am trying to not be upset about it anymore. I cried three days in a row about it. Now I am just doing what I gotta do and trying not to be upset about it. On the plus side, I will get to go to Anchorage, do some grocery shopping, buy some meat (I originally bought 5 pounds of hamburger meat, 6 chicken breasts, and one pot roast), eat at a restaurant, and get a Starbucks. I can't go shopping though, because I am on sub pay!

This is my one complaining post. I will try to be positive from now on. :)


  1. Good luck with it all!!! --- I'm sure it will all work out --- thinking about you and at least have a good time in Anchorage!!!
    I'm sure at the monthly dinner Tuesday, we will all be with you in spirit as you make your trip to Anchorage to get this all straightened out!! Remember we all love you so much and know that everything will work out OK!

  2. Awwww, Amy....hang in there! We'll be thinking of you and praying it all works out!
    Julianne Kerschner