Monday, October 19, 2009

AU's Early Childhood Department

This post must start with this statement:

The Early Childhood Department at Ashland University has some of the greatest people I have ever met.

Today is a work day at school. The end of the quarter was Friday and this week is in-service week. So before we fly out to district in-service tomorrow, we have a work day. Basically we have to be at school at least 7 hours, but we can be working on whatever we need to, we can go to lunch when we want, go to the post office, etc..

After lunch, I went to the post office. I had a bunch of boxes, so I went back to the school to borrow the truck. I ran into Matthew, one of my cross country runners. He came with me back to the post office to get the boxes. I had some boxes of food from my order to Span Alaska Sales that I made a few weeks ago. I also had a box from the Early Childhood Department at Ashland University.

Matthew and I loaded up the truck and brought all the boxes to my house. I went back to school, and I brought the box from AU with me. I couldn't wait until after school to open it!

I need the internet for the report cards and such that I have to fill out, so I have been camping out in Colleen's room today. I don't have the internet in my building.

So, I get back to Colleen's room, grab her scissors, and open up the box. It was full of great stuff!! Books for my class, stickers, pencils, glow sticks, coloring books, activity books, paper, candy, a hat, and books for me to read! I was on the edge of tears. I had a card signed by the whole department,a note from Mrs. Eibel, and a post-it attached to a book from Dr. Walton. It was just so amazing and thoughtful for them to think of me and my students. Books are not common in homes here in Shishmaref, and the books that they sent will be put to great use in my classroom. Autumn, one of my students, was in Colleen's room with me while I was opening the box, and she was definitely excited.

I laid all the goodies out on the table and ran down the halls telling all the other teachers to come and "look at what I got in the mail!!!!!!" Everyone was jealous, of course.

Some of the junior high girls were coming in, getting ready for cheerleading practice, and they were pretty impressed as well.

So, I used Photo Booth on this computer to try and take some pictures. They aren't great pictures, but this way I can post them right away. My camera isn't hooking up to the computer quite right yet, so photo booth will have to do.

Some of the goodies!

More goodies!

Autumn and her drawings to made today. on the left is a policeman, and on the right is a picture of herself. She does pretty good writing her name too! Her mom is a special ed aide. She was working today, and brought Autumn with her, which is why she was hanging out at school.

The box that the goodies came in.

Autumn with the smiley face paper. She can't wait to show the rest of the class all the neat stuff!

More awesome stuff!

This box just made my day! I can't wait to share it will my class! Thank you!!! :)


  1. Wow, that is AMAZING stuff. What a nice roommate you have to let you camp out in her room.