Sunday, November 1, 2009

Catching up...

So, I went to St. Michael for district in-service. It was good, and it was nice to see some friends from other villages. And I made some new friends too.

My friend Shawn and me. He teaching in Unalakleet.

Typical Amy and Amanda face. She teaching in Golovin.

In the evenings, they had some activities planned so that they wouldn't have 200 disgruntled teachers and paraprofessionals. One night they brought over Native Dancers from Stebbins. That was really fun. It was the first time that I had seen Eskimo dancing. It is a little bit different than what I will see in Shishmaref because Shishmaref is Inupiaq and Stebbins and St. Michael are Yupik. But I still enjoyed it. A lot of people joined in too. I got some videos and pictures.

"Common Dance" - Native Dancers and teachers who have learned it joined in.

A dance about a boy making his first big kill. 

So then, back to school this week. We were preparing for Halloween, which was busy. Party in the class, parade in the school, and the Juniors were holding a dance at the Friendship Center. So I was getting ready for all of that stuff. It went well, but I am glad that it is over!!

On Thursday night, there were some great Northern Lights. I was still at the school at 11PM, doing laundry, and Colleen came to get me to show me a surprise. We went down to the beach where there aren't as many lights, and it was really cool. Later, Ken the science teacher, who is our neighbor, came to get us to look at them again. Ken got some cool pictures.

Northern Lights above the village.

The Aurora above the water.

Dancing Lights.

Ken with the Northern Lights.

I am trying to get the photos uploaded on this post, but it doesn't seem to be working. I will try to add them later.

(Photos Added on 01/17/2010)

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