Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blogspot is making me angry

Now that I have my own nice new BSSD computer, with pictures uploaded to it, Blogspot is being funny and doesn't show the photo uploading option. Colleen is having the same problem. Everything on the posting page looks weird and it doesn't have the options, like changing the font and uploading a picture. This has been going on for like a month and a half. It has frustrated me and made me not want to post. Sorry.

So, last Thursday, well into November, the famous "October Storms" hit. Global Warming is the cause of the delay. My mom had been telling me for a couple of months that I needed to order my snow pants and snow boots, but I had been putting it off - not wanting to spend the extra money. Needless to say, the waist deep snow on my porch last Thursday forced me to suck it up and make an order.

A view of the storm from the elementary entrance. My house is the greenish one straight ahead.

My porch as the snow fell down.

 My footprints walking to the porch. All of these photos were taken at about 5PM. The storm has been going on a few hours. It continued through the night, so there was considerably more snow in the morning.

On Friday night, I was at Rec and Fred Charlie asked if on Saturday I wanted to go fishing with him and Matt. Of course I wanted to go! I want to see as much of the life of a villager as I can. So, he told me to see if I could find some warm clothes and they would call before they came by on Saturday. So I asked a couple of people, and everyone was using there winter gear. So, I wore Under Armor leggings, jeans, three pairs of socks, and my rubber boots. And my coat of course. I had a hat and a big hood on my coat, and some gloves. I thought I would be fine. Fred Charlie saw what I was wearing and wasn't convinced. I said I would be fine, and we headed out. Matt drove the snow machine and Fred Charlie and I rode in the sled being pulled behind. Fred Charlie's dog, Little Crust, ran beside us. We headed out to the frozen lagoon and stopped a little ways out. Matt and Fred Charlie used a big pointy stick tool to dig a hole in the ice. They handed me a fishing stick and made themselves holes. Matt caught a tiny fish, then Fred Charlie caught a tiny fish. I didn't catch anything for a long time, and man, I was getting cold!!! It was cold and windy, so it wasn't so pleasant. I was getting ready to say that I gave up, because I thought I would be warmer if I could just stand and cuddle with myself. Then I caught a nice size smelt!! Tom Brad showed up then, so I gave him my stick. Rachel Stasenko, Kate's mom, showed up too. She was appalled by my choice of clothes. Tom Brad wasn't dressed appropriately either, so he was only there for a few minutes, and I left with him. I was getting a little bit worried for my toes. After I left, Matt and Fred Charlie only caught a few fish each.

Fred Charlie digging the hole.

Matt working on the hole.

First hole made!! Pretty sure someone stole that spoon from the kitchen to get the slush out of the hole.

Matt and me. I'm obviously inappropriately dressed.

I look happy, but I'm freezing.


Matt focused on his fishing.

Later, Kate called me and told me that she had heard that I had been fishing in inappropriate clothes. She told me to to come to her house and get some snow pants and boots to borrow until mine arrived. So, Sunday morning, I went and got the gear from Kate and then went fishing with Matt and Fred Charlie again. I also wore my Mad Bomber hat, compliments of the Weeks family from swim team. I was much warmer! But the fish still weren't biting very much. Between the three of us, and two days, we only got like 15 smelt.

On Monday, I saw Matt with his kiddos at Rec, and he said that he had gone fishing and got 90 fish! They said maybe there were seals in the area or the fish just hadn't came down yet, which is why we struggled. But it was a fun experience!

Oh, my boots got here Tuesday, and my snow pants on Thursday, so I am set now. :)

On Thursday and Friday, my preschoolers made Buckeye necklaces! And Ohio State beat Michigan today, so my kiddos gave them some good luck! :)

(Photos added on 01/18/2010)

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