Monday, November 30, 2009

My first Thanksgiving away from home

Monday was not welcomed this morning.

I had a great Thanksgiving weekend, but I fell into "Eskimo Time". I don't know if it is all the villages or just Shishmaref, but people stay up super late and then sleep super late. Whenever I want to go to bed before midnight, everyone always says that I need to adjust to native time. So, we had 4 days with no school. Colleen and I went to bed around 2 most night, and I still got 12 hours of sleep. So I was dragging this morning, for sure.

Thursday evening, most of the village met in the gym for a feast. There were huge pots of reindeer soup all over. Esther, one of my para-pros and the parent of one of my students, invited me to sit with her family. I had soup and homemade rolls. Then some ladies came around with bowls of berries. I usually don't like the berries that are picked locally, but I had some anyway, and they are growing on me. But they were just berries with sugar, not Eskimo Ice Cream.

After the feast, the gym was cleaned up and then there were basketball games. A women's game and a men's game. So that was fun.

On Friday, we had the "Orphan's Thanksgiving". Basically the teachers without families here in town got together and had a big turkey dinner. We also invited the Stenek clan (Ken, Lisa, and the 5 munchkins), Melinda and her kiddos, and Helen brought her twin granddaughters. So it was really nice. And we had the usual Thanksgiving food. So it was nice.

Either than that, I just laid around all weekend. Played cards, watched 3 movies, moved into Season 3 of House. And I found my checkbook! It had been missing for a few weeks. I knew it was somewhere. Ha Ha!

Three week until I go home for Christmas! Time has flown by!

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