Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amy - the ECE Teacher


School is going well! The kiddos are so cute! I just love them. Wilsa and Mickey are great to work with too. Overall, things are going great.

The names of my kiddos are so cute. In this culture, if a person close to your family dies, you name your child after them. So there are lots a little children with big people names. In my class I have a Ida, Vivian, Gary, Delbert, and a Frank, just to name a few. I do have some common children's names, like Autumn and Carter, but it's very interesting the names that kiddos have.

The kids are really funny. I think one of the funniest things that is different than in Ohio is that they all plug their ears when they flush the toilets. At school, we have plumbing. At home they do not. So they have spent the past four years of their life with a non-flushing honeybucket. They are so funny!

I am getting used to the eyebrow-raise for "yes" and nose-scrunch for "no". I even do it sometimes during school. I notice the little ones use that a lot more than the other people in the village. Some families use it more than others too. It seems really odd, but it makes sense. We shake our heads. When you are wearing a GIANT coat, you can't shake your head. All of your expressions have to be in the part of your face that the coat and hood don't cover - your nose and eyebrows. It is actually pretty cute.

All the kids in the village say "funny" for mean. Like Gary will tell me at school "Jimmy is being funny to me!" And it doesn't mean that they have good jokes.

We live right next to the school, so that is like playing headquarters. Little kids play there, big kids play there - it's busy all the time. On Thursday, I was napping in my Lazy-Boy in the evening, and a little kindergartener walked into my house and said "AMY! The little Amy is being funny to me!!" My response was "Tell her to be nice." I have decided that when I am sleeping in my own house, children's behavior is not in my jurisdiction.

So, I am going to go home and make some dinner. I didn't sleep to well last night, so I want to try and get to bed before midnight tonight. Colleen didn't sleep well last night either. Maybe something was weird in the air. Anyway, I'm off.


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  1. Hi Amy!
    I loved your description of how your students communicate with just their facial expressions. I'm sure if I asked them if Ms. Cellar is their best teacher ever, they would all raise their eyebrows at once!
    Mary Rycik