Monday, August 31, 2009

It's your first birthday party... Have some Berries...

There is so much to write about!

Last night, I went to my first birthday party on the island. They are a big deal. You bring a few dollars for the kiddos and then eat dessert. There were three kinds of cake, 4 different pies, jello, Dreamwhip, and a berry salad thing. The birthday boys are 13-year-old twins. Their mom is one of the 3 year old teachers in the ECE building. Colleen was like "AMY! It's your first birthday party! Have some berries!" So I did. They tasted alright. The consistency was interesting. I had one bite left, and Colleen asked a teenage girl there to tell me what was in the berries. I told her to wait until I was done before I heard. So I finished. The local ingredients were seal oil and caribou fat. Nice. But I survived! I noticed that Colleen didn't help herself to any berries though! Ha Ha!!

Well, it's Timothy's 5th birthday today, so another party tonight!!

Today was my first day with kiddos! I will write about it later, but I have to go to Cross Country practice now!!!

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  1. It's not my fault!! They did the same to me, but started talking about how rancid oil makes them bad, and that sort of ended my affiliation with Eskimo Ice Cream. Also, I'm not a big fan of salmon berries, covered in fat or not.