Saturday, August 15, 2009

I made it!

I am now offically in Alaska!

After a travel disaster that result in spending the night in a hotel in NC and arriving to Anchorage 19 hours late, I made it.

The Welcome Wagon was really nice. I got to meet some great people and it was awesome to have someone waiting for me at the airport.

Monday, I went to Unalakleet, where the district office is. I had two days to just hang out and meet people. They have a great little coffee shop in Unalakleet!!! :)

One night I went to a bridge on a river to fish. I couldn't fish, and actually only one of the six of us who went had a pole, but we had fun. We talked, hung out, and Shon jumped off the bridge into the freezing river, as some of the local kiddos were doing. I saw lots of dead and dying salmon. After then spawn, they die within 2 or 3 days. They were floating back down the river, dead or nearly there. We even saw some take their last little flip of life. The dead fish either float to the bottom or wash up on shore. So the shore was real gross.

Another night in Unalakleet we had a bonfire on the beach. That was pretty fun. We had s'mores and Jon played the guitar for us. After hanging out with great people from all over the district, I was really sad that we're not all at the same school.

Training went well. Julie Egli had all of the ECE teachers to her house for pizza on Wednesday night. It was really nice to be able to talk about what we would be doing and to meet everyone. Our kiddos don't start until the 31st (the rest of the kids start the 24th). Next week, all the ECE teachers in the district will be going to Nome for more training in SFA (Success for All - the reading program used in the district). The following week, we will be back in Unalakleet for more training.

I made it to Shishmaref last night. Colleen is really great. I think we will get along great. We went to the school last night and to the store. I have already met some people in the village, and they are really welcoming.

There is no dirt in Shishmaref. We are on a tiny island, and we only have sand. So we definitely take our shoes off at the door. I am glad to have my pink rubber boots here so that the sand doesn't even get in my shoes.

Very few of my boxes have made it here yet. My flat rate boxes of food made it though. A can of peaches exploded, which was disgusting. The box was black and damp and was rancid smelling. As I opened it, everything was wet, black, and molded. I threw away the exploded can, and one other can. Everything else I washed and peeled the yucky labels off. I think it will be okay.

I also got the boxes that were shipped from stores or online. So I had my bedding and towels, which was great. Also my slippers and boots were waiting for me.

I have no other boxes yet though. So no extra clothes. I only have what I had packed for Unalakleet, which was minimal anyway. And it is colder here, and I don't have enough outside clothes. I am currently at the school, with a load of laundry in the drier so that I have more than just the sweater and yoga pants that I am currently wearing (the only things left over from Unalakleet that were remotely clean). I hope that the rest of my boxes come soon!!

The house is fine. I didn't really know what to expect. The honey bucket is gross. I don't know if I can use it. Thank goodness there are flush toilets at the school. Also, I showered at the school today.

Things are going well, and I will be making some major adjustments in the next few months!

I will try and post more often, now that I am actually here, but I will be super busy, so no promises.

Peace out!

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