Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sand, sand and more sand!

So, I was able to get into my classroom yesterday! All of the head start employees that I will be working with are in Nome for training. Kate called Wilsa's cell phone for me, found out where she left her keys, and went and got them for me.

When I got into the building, there was sand EVERYWHERE. Gross. Like mud, all over the floor. I didn't want to unroll any carpets for move tables like that, so I went back into the main school to see if they knew when the maitenance workers would be back. Because it is a partnership with Head Start, the school workers don't clean out there. After a few phone calls, I was told that they wouldn't be back until school started, and I should just do it myself now. So I began that yesterday.

Sand was just the beginning. There was a 1/2 eaten donut on one of the tables. There was a full trash can. Eww.

The building is three major rooms. One is three year olds, one is four year olds, and one is the kitchen and prep room. There are also a couple of storage rooms. So, I called Wilsa to figure out which room is the 4 year old room, so I don't spend lots of time cleaning the wrong room.

I got the floor swept, pulled out the carpet, vacuumed it, and wiped down all of the chairs, cubbies, and tables. I still have cleaning to do, and obviously setting everything up, but I got a good start. I am spending time today reading about the Curiosity Corner program so that I know how to set things up.

Tonight, I am headed to Nome where I will be meeting up with the rest of the ECE teachers from the district for training. I guess we are staying at the Nugget Inn, which is not so nice. I leave at 6:05 tonight.

Last night Colleen and I went to Steve and Angie's to play games. We played Fluxx, which was a really fun card game. It is it's own deck - not like a regular deck of cards. Then we played Guitar Hero for awhile. They have 2 guitars, the drums, and the microphone. So that was really fun. We rocked out.

Well, I better get back to reading about the Curiosity Corner program!

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