Monday, August 17, 2009

"Because I don't like getting sand in my shoes"

So, things are going well. Today we had a three hour teacher meeting. And this afternoon we have a work day in our classrooms. I, however, do not have keys yet. I am in a different building right next to the school, and this is the first year that BSSD has been involved with the preschool, so know one seems to have keys, expect for my Head Start employees... who are in Nome.

There is sand everywhere. No dirt. I have been wearing my pink rubber boots because I don't like getting sand in my shoes, and it is too cold for flip flops. I only have 5 pairs of shoes now for the time being (rubber boots, tennis shoes, black dress flats, and 2 pairs of flip flops), and I think these are the best choice. All the kids I meet are like "why are you wearing rubber boots??!!!" and I say "Because I don't like sand in my shoes and it's too cold for flip flops." They are all wearing flip flops and Crocs. Typically, rubber boots are in the spring when the snow is melting and there are puddles all over.

I met Steve and Angie yesterday. Steve is 3rd grade and Angie is Social Studies. They are wonderful. Them, Colleen, and I played a really fun game last night. It's like Clue, but for grown ups. Game night will be frequent, and I am excited! :)

Well, I am gonna go help Kate the kindergarten teacher, since I have no keys.


  1. If I get you some Crocs will you wear them?? I got a pair of knock of Crocs after making a bad shoe choice in New York City. They're very comfortable (and very ugly).

  2. Ok, Amy, I'm trying to let this go, but you know the "grammar queen" has a hard time with your use of personal pronouns...They, Colleen, and I played...

    Good thing you are not teaching english.
    Love you tons and miss you :)

  3. I don't know where the "Them" came from. I reread that, and it totally was a typo. Ha ha!

    PS- Crocs are ugly, but I've become a bit less "high maintenance" since I moved to Shishmaref.