Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Time Flies

I am finally healing.

I had surgery on June 25th - 12 days ago. My wounds are healing, it no longer hurts when I breathe, and I can sleep in a bed again. I have been off pain meds for a few days and I can drink and drive again (obviously not at the same time - one or the other).

I do get sore when I am active, and I am much more tired than usual. So, I am still trying to take it easy.

I went back to work tonight. The swim meet was at the Woodland pool. I just sat and was the "card lady" for the meet. I figure I'll be able to do swim practice again now too. Tomorrow is my follow-up doctor's appointment, so I will ask then about being in the pool. That will be my determining factor for whether I can do any private swimming lessons. We shall see! I figure he might want all my incisions healed before I expose them to the toxins of a public pool.

I can't believe how fast time has gone. I basically have no time left in Ohio.

Here is my basic schedule for the rest of my time:
Now through July 15th - Ohio
July 16th - head to Buffalo, New York
July 17th - Ashley and Darryl's wedding
July 18th through 20th - Visiting Great Aunt Dottie in Peru, Vermont
July 20th through 22nd - Visit family outside of Boston
July 22nd and 23rd - Visit Courtney in Connecticut
July 24 and 25th - Ohio
July 26th through August 1st - Atlanta
August 1st through 6th - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
August 6th through 10th - Anchorage, Alaska
August 10th through 12th - Unalakleet, Alaska
August 13th - arrive in Shishmaref, Alaska!

So, I only have a few days left in Ohio, basically. I need to see people and do tons of packing. Pack food to send up, basic household items, plus clothes and such. I have tons of teaching supplies I need to go through and organize and ship up also. I am starting to stress out about how little time I have left.

Hopefully I can get some stuff done tomorrow and Friday, before I go down to visit Theresa and Justin in Columbus on Saturday for the weekend. Wish me luck!

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