Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kids Say the Craziest Things

This week, the speech pathologist was visiting Shishmaref. Unfortunately, we don't have one on site full time, but she makes it out every month or two for a week. Since she is not here all the time, I like to learn as much as I can from her while she is here. She wanted to pull my three kiddos who receive speech services and do some informal observations to check on their progress. I went with her as she pulled the kiddos, so I could see the kind of things she works on with them.

We had one little boy in the back room with us, and we were showing him some photo cards. One was a picture of a boat. This was the conversation we had:

Speech Path: What is this a picture of?
Student: A boat!
SP: What do we do with it?
Student: Uhhh....
SP: What is a boat for?
Student: hmmm...
SP: Does your dad have a boat?
Student: Yeah!
SP: Does he go hunting?
Student: Yeah!
SP: Does he hunt for seals?
Student: Yeah!
SP: Does he hunt for walrus?
Student: Yeah!
SP: Does he hunt for moose?
Student: Yeah!
SP: Does he hunt for caribou?
Student: Yeah! I eat caribou!
Amy: Yeah, you eat caribou! I bet you eat all of those things. What is your favorite of those to eat?
Student: Hot Cheetos.
SP and Amy: hahahahahahahahaha!

I couldn't stop laughing, and I had to write it down so I wouldn't forget. Isn't that just great?

Also this week, there were some funny things happening in the Dramatic Play Lab. There is a chalkboard on the wall in the dramatic play lab. The kiddos enjoy writing their names on the board and the letters we're learning. We use the board for the theme of the week also. For example, we made a menu on the board when we were learning about food. The kiddos like to play school in dramatic play also. I was working with some students at the Writing Lab, which gave me a good view of Dramatic Play Lab. One little girl was standing at the board and had other kiddos sitting on the floor. She said "Okay kids! Criss-cross applesause, hands in your lab, bubble in your mouth! Don't mess up!" I don't know where the "Don't mess up!" came from, but she was so funny. Then she called the kids to the board one at a time to "spell their name". Then they all recited "Penny, Nickel, Dime", the little rhyme we do at the beginning of Rhyme Time everyday. Finally, she gave them all a five minute warning, which I always do when it is close to clean up time, so that no one is surprised that it is time to move on to our next activity.

I just love my students!

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