Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Transformation of my name

Starting my sophomore year in college, I always went by "Miss Cellar" to the students in my student teaching field experiences.

When I got my big girl job, I was called "Amy" by my students. Most of the teachers in Shishmaref go by their first name. I am totally fine with it.

By 3rd or 4th quarter last year, a few kiddos had started to call me "Ame". Nothing like informality, huh? It's cute and I wasn't opposed to it. They can call me "Ame" and still respect me.

Well, here we are in the middle of 2nd quarter this year. Seth has already started calling me "Ame". I noticed yesterday on our way to lunch when he said "It's windy out, huh Ame?"

I do have nicknames for my kiddos too. Last year I had Ida-bug and Katie-bug. Whenever I see Ida's grandpa he calls me Amy-bug. I had Frank the tank last year too. Vivian was Schmivian.  Carter, who I had last year and this year, started as Tarter and transformer to Tarter Sauce. This year not many kids have nicknames yet. I do have Yosie Rosie, Sefers and Landon-boo. Sometimes I'll call kiddos by their first and middle name though. When Carter isn't Tarter Sauce he is usually Carter Norman or just Carter Norm.

I just love those kiddos though, even if they do call me Ame!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. You want "The Great Kali" or "Bob the Builder"? I'm pretty sure Bob and I would be willing to share.