Thursday, July 16, 2009

Care Packages? :)

Getting ready has been crazy! I have been sending stuff to the school, as suggested by the district. Mostly, all we've sent has been food so far. I should probably get to packing other things.

I got an email from Colleen, my future roommate, today. I had asked her 50kajillion questions about things. One thing that I had asked was what my mailing address will be once I get there. She said that I will get a P.O. Box when I arrive. So, I can't really tell anyone my mailing address yet. If you want to send me something, the best bet would be to send it to the school, like I have been doing. I'll keep everyone posted on my P.O. Box when I get it.

The school address is:
Amy Cellar
c/o Shishmaref School
1 Sea View Lane
Shishmaref, AK 99772

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