Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Farewells

So, my life has been super busy! I am trying to find time to see people, work, and pack. It's getting a little out of control!

Tuesday, I had lunch with Mrs. Rinehart and Mrs. Eibel, two of my AU professors. I had a really great time with them! They gave me a really nice teacher's journal as well. It is filled with inspiration quotes for teachers, passages, and journal prompting. They said that when I am up there and homesick, it will be nice to have something physical to know that people are thinking about me. :) They are fantastic ladies and great role models.

Last night was the swim team going away party that Melody planned. It was really nice. A lot of people came. It was nice to make sure that I got to see people again. So many people brought cards and gifts, which was totally unexpected. The Ashland Aqua Aces swim team families are just an incredible group of people. I will truly miss being a part of the swim team family.

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